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    BCA Student of the Month

    Name: Excellent

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    Favorite Bible Character: Moses

    When I grow up, I want to be a: Firefighter

    As a non-profit school, over 94% of our funding is from individuals, churches and concerned organizations.

  • Partner with a Student

    Children at Binghampton Christian Academy are waiting for you to partner with them. Most of the children at the school live within walking distance. Like many children in Binghampton, they need your support to have access to a nutritious breakfast and lunch and to be surrounded by staff that love and nurture them. Our goal is that each student grows up to be a well-adjusted, productive adult with a Christian Worldview.


    Providing Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Needs

    Binghampton Christian Academy looks after the physical, mental and spiritual needs of these precious children as well as seeks to:

    • Provide the best education combined with a deep and intimate understanding of the richness found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.
    • Help young boys and girls become self-reliant, contributing members of society and their community.


    Your Gift Can Change a Life

    $7,000.00 per year funds one child with the gift of learning and a Christian education. Your gift can change a life forever.

    Under this “Partners Program,” your gift covers the cost of educating a student for a full school year!


    Sponsorship Information

    After completing your sponsorship information, we will send you more information about your new sponsored child. We will also mail you the child’s photo and more about his or her life, including information about the child’s interests and ways you can communicate with him or her.


    Partner with a Child Today

    Take the time now to partner with a child by calling 901-323-4092 or sending your check for $7,000.00 per student to:

    Binghampton Christian Academy
    P.O. Box 11109
    Memphis, TN 38111